My new office used to be a filled with blue elephants

When we first came to look at our new apartment we saw just what we expected in nearly every room. After the previous tenants had left, our landlord went through each room and restored the floors, walls, and even some of the appliances.

See, the tenants that lived here prior had a few kids and a few dogs. I’m not sure on the number of kids, but I am sure on the number of dogs, two. And not your run of the mill puppies either – a pit bull and a rotwilier. From what I’ve been told the two dogs wreaked havoc in the apartment all day long tearing apart wood and such. Our landlord had done a very good job of repairing the damage by the dogs.

But, did he do just as good of a job repairing "the damage" from the children? My current office is the old kids-bedroom. Here is what the bedroom looked like prior to us moving in.

The office before we moved inThe office before we moved in

Complete with elephant border

Yellow and ?turquoise? with an elephant border. Not exactly the image I had planned on projecting with ChanceCube, so it had to go.

Over the few weeks preceding our move-in, we stripped off the wallpaper, put down a coat of primer, two coats of paint, one coat of trim color, and generally cleaned it up. Here are a few photos showing that progression.

Me scoring the borderScoring the border

Border has been scoredBorder = scored

Border is removedSee ya elephants

Me removing the outlet coversRemoving outlet covers

Me patching holes and painting trimFixing holes and trim

One primer coat One primer coat

Nearly done 

Nearly done

Painting the office

For whatever reason my other two helpers on this project are not in any of the photos – probably because they were the ones taking the photos. Eliza and Mike helped me through each and every step of the process, so thank you both for helping me out.

The finished productThe completed office

You can see the end result and it was truly worth the effort as I now have a place, free of elephants, that I can get my work done.

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