Weigh in: Week Fifteen

Without a doubt, I'm not being as strict as I used to be on my diet. I'm eating slightly more, and sometimes it isn't the best of foods. My metabolism is much higher than it used to be, and my activity level is as well. All of this contributes to me being able to be a little less strict dietarily, while still losing some fat.

Last week I weighed in at 190.2 pounds, and that was right after going to Olive Garden when Mike showed up. Since then we've eaten out a few times, gotten take out, and did some drinking.

We did however maintain some sort of exercise by playing frisbee, arm wrestling, and of course ample amounts of basketball.

After all was said and done I lost 1.8 pounds, putting me at 188.4 pounds. That is a total loss of 37.2 pounds! Perhaps next week I'll hit the big four-oh.

I'm anxious to see how everyone else did on their diets.

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