Occasionally when we've got a group of guys/gals over, we do the Pictionary thing. More often than not, we split the teams up by guys and gals. This definitely gives the girls an unfair advantage (women are telepathic you know), but sometimes us guys just absolutely crush the ladies.

Thought I'd share some photos of a recent crushing by us guys.

Our first turn

Guy's first turn

Chris chopping the word

Chris chops a word

Chris thinking

Chris thinking

James drawing his version of a windshield

James' "windshield"

Me trying

Me trying



The guys win at Pictionary

You might be wondering why there are no photos of the girls? Well, if women have control over the camera the entire night, you seldom end up with photos of them. This will have to change the next time around.

Update: I just realized I'm wearing a shirt from Threadless called "My Life is a Game". Haha.

Great job Chris and James, we showed them.

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