I ran one mile

I set the goal to run a mile before today because I figured it was a good idea to set goals. If I didn’t make it I could have said “Well, I tried. And at least I’m a better jogger now than I was when I started.” And I kept telling myself that even up until the last step of the run.

Colin after running

Me, after running about 3/4 mile (taken by Eliza with one of her anniversary presents)

I’m really happy that I was able to do it, even though I’d thought it would take a bit longer than it did to get up to that point. Running is difficult, no matter what short music geeks from Seattle say, and I’m proud of myself.

I didn’t do this on my own either. Eliza encouraged me during each “training session” that we had. She and I walked three miles a day, for a few days, and each time we tried to jog as much of the last mile as we possibly could. On the other days I’d run to the Post Office and back to get the mail, which is about two-thirds of a mile. This helped a lot, because small successes can help you attain a larger goal.

Then, yesterday Chris and I decided it was time I try for the entire thing. He actually helped me this time by not talking. Normally he is screaming in my ear like a drill sergeant in a Kubrick film – but this time he let me do my thing and I succeeded. I even had enough oomph to sprint the last few hundred feet.

So, what is my next goal? I’m going to run a mile in the seven-minute range. I haven’t timed myself yet, so I am not sure how hard this will actually be, I might even be close now. Once that is accomplished, I think I’m going to add some distance. Oh, I turn 26 on September 30th, and so I plan on doing the sub-eight-minute-mile before then.

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