My 7th wedding anniversary gifts

For those that do not know Eliza's track record, allow me to simply tell you that she is far better at gift giving than I am. She's incredibly thoughtful, and when she gives gifts she has the ability to hone in on one's desires better than anyone I've ever known. Obviously, I'm biased. But there's proof in this here pudding. I will not list every gift she's given me. If I did, you'd call me spoiled (which I am) but I'd rather you not know the entire truth of it all.

This year, for our 7th wedding anniversary (which isn't until Sunday but we can almost never wait to exchange gifts until the day of), she didn't fail to amaze me with great and thoughtful gifts.

The first gift she gave me was one that I had specifically requested. We do this thing where we tell each other what we'd like and it is up to us whether we follow that list or not. Seasons 5 and 6 of The West Wing was the first gift, and since I already own Seasons 1 through 4, it was great to get these two. Yes I realize I am slightly behind the times, but I like the West Wing and I had not had the chance to watch it on TV.

My second gift was a huge Steelers blanket made out of sweatshirt material. It commemorates not only the Super Bowl victory of the Steelers but also the 40th anniversary of the Super Bowl itself. In a word, its sweet.

The third gift (yes, I got three gifts, I told you she was good) was a Meade telescope. Read that sentence again, I'll give you time. I can't even remember how long I've wanted a telescope, it has been that long. This is the first telescope I've ever owned, and so after I do an ample amount of research, testing, and playing with my new toy - I will write more on the subject of telescopes and in particular my telescope. Haha, a telescope!

Eliza, I know I've told you to your face more times than you'd probably be able to tolerate - but thank you for all the thoughtful gifts, I love you, and I can't wait until next year.

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