Eliza gets a blog, again

My wife has had a blog in the past. For reasons I still don’t understand, she thinks that she has “nothing to add to the conversation” or that no one cares. So she ended up ditching her last blog.

For me, blogging isn’t about other people caring since I could care less about what people think. (I say this fairly loosely, as I do “care“, I just don’t care enough to care – ahh, you get the idea) I blog to blog. That is as simple as I can put it. If I had zero comments on every single post I’ve ever written it wouldn’t keep me from saying what I want to say.

So, after quite a long hiatus, Eliza thankfully decided to sign up to a account last night while I was at basketball. She’s on fire and has already published three small posts, so head on over to her little place on the Web, and bask in her greatness.

Believe me when I tell you, Eliza has an incredible mind, some really great thoughts, and definitely would add to any conversation – I hope she keeps up with blogging. You reading this babe? Keep it up! Oh, and make sure Pooks gets to post now and then too.

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