Day 3 and a quick update

Well, so far so good for me. I was hoping that asking other people to join me would actually motivate me, and I think it definitely has. I was hoping that posting my ugliness on the Web would also be a motivation, and that has been too. The overwhelming response to the diet has been an incredible motivating factor over the last few days.

Of course though, the biggest motivation for me comes from my wife Eliza. She is constantly on my heels making sure my calories are being properly counted, and that I stick to what I've started. So to her, thank you - cuz without you I would definitely eat every single three-muskateer bar we have.

Ok, so how about an update for what is going on in the world of "the diet". Well, as you can see from our dieters list we are well over 70 people that are actively participating. If I missed you somehow, send me an email, and accept my apologies.

Our Flickr group is growing each day, and it provides a quick easy way for everyone to post their photos, and start quick discussions. If you are not a Flickr member, but would like to use the diet group on there, you can sign up for free - so don't worry about that.

The diet has been getting around. Not only have most of those participating mentioned it on their own blogs, but we were mentioned on Lifehacker - which is where some of you might have come from - so we welcome you.

I've been approached by a few people, companies, and groups that would like to help us out with the diet - and I will be letting you all know what is going on with that after a few conference calls take place. I want to be absolutely positive that we are all successful with our diets, and that we are provided with the best way to do that.

Again, thanks for everyone that is participating, and please be sure to tell anyone and everyone you know that they should help us out - by joining the diet and motivating us to keep going. I know that it is definitely working well for me.