Clickity clank, Clickity clank

My setup now

I posted this photo on Flickr and some people, including some of the people that commented, were surprised what I develop on.

Overall, I really can't complain. My iBook runs fairly well, it's incredibly mobile, and it was affordable. However I do find myself craving more real estate, higher resolutions, and a bit more horsepower when I'm actually trying to produce any type of content.

For instance, when I compile TUG Radio, it takes my iBook about an hour to crunch the entire project into an .MP3. Side note: There is an option in the preferences of Garage Band that allows you to save your project in such a way that will make the project file available in the entire iLife suite. Leaving this on, which it is by default, will increase your saving times substantially. Meaning, like 10 times longer. Take my word for it, turn that option off.

So, what would I love to have? I figured I'd make up a quick list.

  • MacBook Pro w/ bluetooth mouse
  • 20" Apple Cinema Display
  • 500GB Firewire drive

That's all I need. I'm almost filled to capacity for hard disk space, so I'd love to not have to worry about that for awhile. The MacBook would give me the speed, real estate, and mobility I crave and have accustomed to. And, the 20" display would be nice to have while working from home.

Is this too much to ask for? If you are interested in donating towards me getting these things, you should consider dropping $2,000.00 or less into my Paypal account. Or, perhaps you can just send me those items all wrapped up in a bow.

Who am I kidding? Every geek on the planet is craving almost the exact same thing.

Update: If you donate you'll be linked to, so be sure to leave your URL in the comments of the donations (this is starting to get serious). Also, think about the fact that TWiT (this week in tech (google it)) gets thousands upon thousands of dollars per month in donations. And, the fact that they are all making thousands and thousands of dollars per month in PROFIT from advertising and Adsense. I don't know why I'm ranting about them making so much money from Podcasting. Hmmmm. perhaps I'm jealous? Nah.

Update 2: The payments go to Azile, Inc. because that is an old company name. Paypal sucks for changing your business profile information without filling out tons of documentation.

Update 3: For those of you that dropped in literally .11 cents, I just want to let you know that Paypal has taken every penny. For those of you that decided .35 cents was a good idea, I got .5 cents of it. Thanks Paypal!