Give, give, and give some more

Helping friends move is something that comes in the “I’ll be your friend” contract, right? I’ve always had more than enough assistance from friends when I’ve moved. So its only fair that I return the favor.

Chris Fehnel and I moving his brother Eric

However, I think there is something more to helping out your friends then “returning favors”. Many people, including myself, deal with unreturned favors. This can become incredibly disconcerting in that you seem to extend yourself for good deeds while you get nothing in return. However, if you are doing favors only for the sake of getting those favors returned, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

In a world full of hate, death, and ignorance – one should never expect the same level of care and sentiment in return as one provides. It seems cruel and pessimistic to say that, but at the same time if you think otherwise you might be setting yourself up for discouragement.

I guess what I mean to say is, its better to give assistance whenever possible, and not getting anything back – than it is to give with the preconceived notion that you’ll get something in return.