Paula Abdul is putting on a show, and some of the better Idol-wannabes might be suffering for it

Eliza and I, in addition to watching The Bachelor, watch American Idol. As I’ve said elsewhere, I like to watch the beginning (aka the funny part of the season), and then watch the end where they’ve already drilled down to the last four wannabes.

This year, at least in my opinion, it seems as though Paula Abdul has gotten sick and tired of people telling her that she’s too nice to everyone. When the judges see thousands of people in a city, and only let a dozen “go to Hollywood”, it seems as though they should rejoice when even the slightest talent passes by them. Lately though, Paula has been disagreeing with the other judges even when it appears that the contestant has at least some talent.

I’m not saying that she does not have the ability to recognize talent. But it just seems like she is just posing for the crowd. Showing she can be tough too. Or, she just wants to disagree with the gentlemen to her left and right.