Some of the best movies I’ve never seen

Chris and I are catching up on some classics. Being born in 1980 makes it pretty tough to have seen some of the classics. Just old enough to know about the movies, just young enough to have not been able to see them until later on in life.

There are thousands of movies that I’d like to see. If it were possible, and not a total waste of one’s life, I’d probably watch every movie ever made. But since that isn’t possible, you go by what critics and viewers say are “must sees”, and you try to catch up with those.

So far we’ve been able to catch The Godfather Part I and Apocolypse Now Redux, both are Directed by Francis Ford Copolla. I think we’re going to round out the Godfather series before moving onto others.

Oh, side note: My pens were out by the TV again this morning.

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