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Based on the success my cats have at stealing pens, I think they should consider a life of crime

November 16, 2005

Each and every morning, I wake up seeing my pens laying on the living room floor.  They were in my pen holder on my desk in the office, but there they are, on the ground in front of the TV.

I’ve tried several unsuccessful techniques to stop them.  Putting almost hundreds of pencils in the pen holder among the pens, hoping to confuse them.  They outsmarted that and ended up taking just the pens. I tried shoving my pen holder in a position on the desk that would make it pretty difficult to get to, they still got to it.

Based on this success, I think my cats should consider a life of crime.  Perhaps I could train them to get into a bank during non-working hours and grab bags of money.  Or, maybe if I could find a museum (perhaps the Louvre, right Chris?), that had the most expensive pen in the World, and they would steal that.

Stick with what you love, and what you’re good at, that’s what I always say.