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Google’s AMP is a gilded cage

Terence Eden: If, like me, you made the mistake of trying out AMP on your website – you’re in a tricky position if you try to remove it. Google doesn’t like anything leaving its clutches. I appreciate nothing about AMP. In fact, I don’t click any links that use it in protest. /via Jeremy Keith.


Make accessibility job one

Jeffrey Zeldman: One small thing designers and developers can do is to make accessibility and usability Job 1 on every project. I need to heed this advice. Thanks for the reminder Jeffrey.


Fix the internet

Vicky Boykis: We are a LONG, long ways away from the destruction of the internet as a giant billboard. It takes time to turn a huge skyscraper into an gutted shell of a building, and it will take just as much time to turn our current internet from a loud, obnoxious, toxic mall, back into […]


Manton Reece on AMP

Manton Reece on AMP: I want the web to be faster. Breaking links should not be part of the solution. AMP is terrible. As is any solution that changes the URL. When wap.* or m.* was “a thing” I hated that too. Now, more than ever, there is less reasons to change the URL to […]


Loren Brichter on web apps

K. Q. Dreger interviewed Loren Brichter about his recent sale of Letterpress (my favorite iOS game). The interview is full of little behind-the-scenes tidbits on Letterpress and how it was made and where it is going. However, when Dreger asks Brichter what he’s been up to and what he will be doing next, I thought […]


Move the web forward

Jeremy Keith, on his personal blog:

We agree. For our broad features we do our best to make sure our services work in the widest array of browsers possible. However, we are not afraid, nor will ever hold back from, using the most cutting edge features of the web simply because some percentage of people using old terminals at their desk job can’t use them.