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Do you use the Web Share API?

If you use the Web Share API, Jeremy Keith is looking for more feedback.

I’m not expecting anything to happen anytime soon, but it would be really good to gather as much data as possible around existing usage of the Web Share API. If you’re using it, or you know anyone who’s using it, please, please, please take a moment to provide a quick description.

I mean, he said please 3 times. So get over there.

Side note: Previously, I conflated the Web Share API and the Web Share Target API but they are not the same thing. Sorry about that Jeremy.

Jeremy Keith’s proposal for the Web Share API

Jeremy Keith:

So that’s my modest proposal. Extend the list of possible values for the type attribute on the button element to include “share” (or something like that). In supporting browsers, it triggers a very bare-bones handover to the OS (the current URL and the current page title). In non-supporting browsers, it behaves like a button currently behaves.

I’ve contended with the Web Share API for Unmark‘s PWA enough to know that this would be excellent to see happen.