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Scott McNulty read 101 books this year, what did you do?

Scott McNulty:

I managed to read 101 books this year (that’s over 35,000 pages!), the most I’ve read in a year since I’ve been keeping track.

Don’t forget his tip for reading so much.

Conversely I didn’t do as well as he did on my own personal reading goal. My annual goal is typically 24 or so books – or two books per month. I started off with good intentions but fell short at just 12 books.

Having missed my goal two years in a row – 2017 was 16 books, 2018 was 12 books – I think I’m going to simply readjust my goals. I’m aiming for 12 this year.

I’m not mad or upset with myself. I accomplished a lot this year outside of reading. I prioritized other things. My photography, as an example, I think is markedly better than it was just a few years ago. My capabilities as a designer and as a video editor are better. I hiked a ton. And my basketball game improved a lot. So I have many reasons that missing this goal isn’t at all a cause for self mutilation.

I will however, keep reading books as part of my year goals. I think it is very important to read longer form pieces of media in this small bites of junk food world.

After a few unintentional weeks off from reading books I dived back into one last night. Felt good. I’d like to read 24 books this year. I think I read about 16 last year. 📚

Scott McNulty on making time to read

Scott McNulty gets asked about how he reads so many books every year. His answer?

You just have to make time for it. You know that time you spend doing something other than reading for pleasure? If you spent that time reading instead, you’d read more.

I get asked this same question about building apps, blogging, photographing, etc. Same answer. You will always make time for things you really care about.

Reading Ready Player One, Downtown Scranton – July 2017

Easily my favorite book this year. Eliza just finished it too. I may want to read it again before the movie comes out.