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NetNewsWire public beta

Brent Simmons:

NetNewsWire has reached public beta! It only took like five years. 🙂

Pre-Twitter, NetNewsWire was the app I opened first in the morning to catch up on the day. In fact, I said so on a cool November morning on this very blog in 2005.

If you’re on a Mac, and have any inclination whatsoever to subscribe to your favorite web sites, blogs, etc. give the new NetNewsWire a try. If you find an issue send it in. You’ll be helping everyone.

Titleless posts

Dave Winer re: NetNewsWire adding support for titleless items in a RSS or JSON Feed:

I got an email from NetNewsWire user Frank Leahy, requesting that I add titles to my feed for items that don’t have titles.

This is an issue that is going to continue to grow. With services like and post formats like my status updates… these are tweet-like posts that do not have titles. Just like SMS messages that are emails without a subject line. We’re going to see this more and more. Rather than apps or services asking publishers to add titles, the apps and services should just get ahead of the curve on this and add support for titleless posts.