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Repost: Ike on Twitter re: the iPhone X notch

👉 Ike:

So here’s a nice wallpaper for your iPhone X, OWNING the notch.

(be sure to follow the link)

/via Mike Rundle on Twitter.

Repost: Mike Rundle on Twitter re: the iPhone X notch

👉 Mike Rundle:

In landscape the notch literally chops out part of the video. Can’t believe they didn’t indent it a little bit.

Repost: Mike Rundle on Twitter

👉 Mike Rundle:

The new top-end iPhone will have a notch. New top-end Android phones (V30, S8) do not. Hard for Apple to spin that.

Don’t make stupid bets

I love learning from other’s mistakes. Typically I watch poker, perhaps not only for the entertainment of it, but it helps me to gauge how the professionals determine pot odds and act on those numbers. More often than not, you’re playing the player and not the cards.

However, there are times when people make stupid bets. Pushing all in when someone has raised over them prior, showing signs of strength. Many times I see this happening when it appears that the player, who had just gone all in, had it predetermined in their own head to go all in even prior to watching what their opponent(s) would do.

This situation can be likened to Mike Rundle’s bet with Paul Scrivens. Mike bet that Paul couldn’t get an entry up to 50 comments before February 1st. Looking at Paul’s archives would immediately give you enough statistical data to not make this bet. And since I have insider information, looking at Paul’s general traffic would tell you he should have absolutely no reason to fear making this wager.

Learn from Mike’s mistake. Make bets when the odds are totally in your favor, and overall you will always come out on top. That’s how professional poker players all end up gracing the final tables of many of each year’s tournaments. They bet based on experience, real numbers, and odds – not predetermined ideals that will only lead you to losing money.