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Wishes for Apple’s Fall Media Event

On Tuesday Apple is holding its Fall Media Event. Thanks to a rogue Apple employee, who I can only imagine is packing their personal affects as I type this, the rumor mill has been working overtime and it appears as though we “know” just about every detail one could imagine prior to this event short of Eddy Cue’s untucked shirt color.

Based on those findings it appears that most of the things I am wishing for won’t come to fruition. Fortunately, most of my wishes have to do with how Apple will market their products and less to do with the hardware itself.

However, rumors are just rumors and, no matter how well sourced things may be, all sorts of details can be inaccurate, vague or completely wrong.

So here are my wishes for Tuesday’s event.

  • The new iPhones should be called the iPhone, iPhone Plus, and iPhone Pro. Based on the iOS 11 GM leaks it appears as though I won’t get this wish – but I feel like the number-based naming is long-in-the-tooth and doesn’t fit other products that Apple sells like the iPad, MacBook, or iMac. “IPHONE X” is a terrible name.
  • The new Apple Watch with LTE should be slightly thinner. I’ve long thought the Apple Watch is slightly too thick. Though it appears the shape and size are going to be exactly the same as the previous editions of the Apple Watch.
  • Touch ID should be included in the Power Button on the side. I’m all for getting rid of the Home Button but Touch ID is far too nice to see it gone forever.
  • A new Apple TV with better remote, 4K support, and Amazon Prime Video app.
  • I’ve already described the iPhone SE I’d like to see released though this likely won’t happen until springtime.
  • And lastly, I’d like a presentation about Apple Park. It doesn’t seem like they will have enough time for much more than a short tribute to Steve Jobs in this new theater named after him – but it would be nice to have an official presentation about the new campus.

As an aside: I wonder if anyone has thought of the possibility that the iOS 11 GM leak was done on purpose by Apple for some reason? That they are making sure to set expectation regarding the Home Button and Touch ID being gone?

I’m excited for Tuesday.

Oh, and I already have a post I plan to publish on the day iOS 11 is released. So watch for that.

Microsoft holding Surface Keynote in October

Tom Warren for The Verge:

Microsoft’s Surface chief will hold a keynote speech in London at the end of October. The software giant is holding its annual Future Decoded event in London from October 31st to November 1st, and Microsoft revealed to The Verge today that Panos Panay will be speaking. Microsoft typically launches new Surface devices in October, and sources familiar with the company’s plans tell us to expect at least one new device at the event.

I sincerely hope they launch a Surface Phone. I want more pressure on Apple and I’d love to see Windows Phone (which I thought was fantastic) return to the battle of mobile OSes.

However, I don’t think it will happen. If this was a possibility I think (knowing Microsoft) they would have tried to build up more hype around this event than they are. They likely wouldn’t hold the event in London either. But, I can hope.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future (move playhead to 15 minutes in):

Held at the Pavilions at World Market Center in Las Vegas, this event showcases our vision for the future of sustainable, connected mobility.

Everything about this presentation is terrible. Aside from the fact that it takes them 30 minutes before they tell us about their product. It screams of early Microsoft; the company that used to announce things and not deliver on them. (I’m glad to see that has changed at Microsoft.) It screams of marketing bologna. They showcase a video showing how they are moving earth to build a building?

They say they are building “the future”. That they aren’t just a car company. They aren’t just a mobility company. I don’t buy it. I give them 4 or 5 years before they are acquired for their patents alone. Think Motorola Mobility.

Compare their presentation to the no-fluff all real presentations of Tesla.

Don’t go to their web site. It is unusable and full of marketing fluff.

WWDC 2016 wish list

Wish lists have been swirling around these last few days and many of them are quite good. But none of them are mine. So here is my wish list, not my predictions, for what will be announced today at WWDC.

  • I hope Siri can do a lot more – I think we’re overdue on being able to say things like “Hey Siri, send the photo I just took to my wife.” Or “Hey Siri, open Spotify and play Jack White’s Blunderbuss.” Or “Hey Siri, find a note in Simplenote that I created on May 15th”. Or, even, “Hey Siri, show me all of the photos I’ve taken in Hawaii.”
  • I already wrote my list for Photos and iCloud Photo Library. Any updates to these apps and services whatsoever would be nice since I use them so much. One thing I left out of that post; slightly better video editing. I don’t need iMovie. But a few more video editing tools built into the Photos app would be nice.
  • I’m hoping for big, big changes in the new macOS (formerly Mac OS X). macOS is long overdue for a big update. I wouldn’t mind, even, if it sort of felt like a do-over.
  • My only wish for the much rumored Apple Displays is that they are affordable. But I won’t hold my breath.
  • Lastly, if there are some nice updates to tvOS I’ll pick up the new Apple TV.

Anything other than the above will be icing on the cake. I love Keynote days.