Colin Devroe

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35mm • Canon AE-1 Program • Kodak CG 400

Rain over the Virginia Hills – 35mm – February 2020

Eliza and I pulled off the road to get this shot while we were driving north through a gorgeous area of Virginia a few weeks ago.

A few photos from Berwick, PA – January 2018

Eliza and I drove to a brewery and a few wineries a few weekends ago. We love to explore new areas and find places that are slightly off the beaten path – especially those somewhat close to home.

Field of gold – July 2017

It is easy to take for granted the amazing landscapes that the area I live in affords. Much of what I see during my short hikes would be jaw dropping to lifetime city dwellers. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Grass – July 2017


Cows in pond – July 2016

Vestal New York

Vestal, New York – June 2016.

Jermyn Farm Road May 2016

Jermyn Farm Road, May 2016

Late Fall Countryside, 2015