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Philadelphia Weblogger Meetup – February 17th

Though this event is split into two parts, the Philadelphia WordPress Meetup and the Philadelphia Webloggers Meetup to me it is all just about blogging and so I sign up for both.

Chris at Ten Stone Bar – April 15, 2006

This Saturday (February 17th from 2:30pm till about 4pm) I’ll be attending the Philadelphia Webloggers Meetup at Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant. Will you be there?


So far Eliza, Mike, and Chris are coming with me. It looks like Rob, Tom, and Marisa are definitely going. Andrea and Jason might be going. And sadly Tony G. can’t make it. Update: Happily Tony G. is able to make it!

And, it appears we’re going to have a fairly full house.

If you are in the Philadelphia area (heck I’m 2 1/2 hours away and I’m still going) and you’d like to meetup with some great people to discuss WordPress, blogging, Viddler, or just sit back and enjoy a beer – sign up to the meetup and we’ll see you there.

Note: You can add this event to your calendar program of choice since this post is marked up using hCalendar. Enjoy.

Note addendum: It appears that the above link won’t work for Outlook users? Not sure why – probably because Outlook sucks? 😉

NFL overtime rules suck

Update: Many of you are coming here because you are watching a football game right now and you too think that the NFL overtime rules suck. Welcome to my site – I share your pain.

The Steelers lost in overtime today. Chris mentioned that the NFL’s overtime rules suck, and I agree – when the team you are cheering for loses. Such was the case today.

First to score wins in overtime. And with Maddox on your team the only thing you’ll be first to do is lose. Tommy, seriously, brother – go to the nearest grocery store and ask for application. Today’s loss was not 100% on your shoulders, but still, you need to just quit.

Ok, I won’t harp on Maddox anymore this year.

Some of the best movies I’ve never seen

Chris and I are catching up on some classics. Being born in 1980 makes it pretty tough to have seen some of the classics. Just old enough to know about the movies, just young enough to have not been able to see them until later on in life.

There are thousands of movies that I’d like to see. If it were possible, and not a total waste of one’s life, I’d probably watch every movie ever made. But since that isn’t possible, you go by what critics and viewers say are “must sees”, and you try to catch up with those.

So far we’ve been able to catch The Godfather Part I and Apocolypse Now Redux, both are Directed by Francis Ford Copolla. I think we’re going to round out the Godfather series before moving onto others.

Oh, side note: My pens were out by the TV again this morning.