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How to use DuckDuckGo

Brett Terpstra:

The search syntax is very similar to Google’s, so if you’re familiar with that you won’t need to learn much. Obviously you can just search a bunch of words, but there are a few additional syntaxes you can use to refine results. (as I like to call it now) is my search engine of choice across all browsers and devices. Brett’s guide is excellent and – once you get some of the tricks down to muscle memory – are real time savers.

I recommend you use but also that you kindly, yet strongly, recommend that your friends and family members to do the same. You can even take the 30 seconds to switch them to on their devices.

Terptra’s excursions

Similar to my What I saw this week series of posts Brett Terpstra has his own Web Excursions series. He describes his series like this:

Web excursions are select bookmarks from Brett’s travels around the internet. You can see them all on Pinboard. Visit the bookmarks page for previous Excursions.

Pretty cool that he incorporates Pinboard into the mix. I used to publish my series to Flipboard and, honestly, it got a lot of eyeballs. But it was too much work to keep it up.

I recommend you subscribe to Terpstra’s series. I find good stuff in there.