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A man's life does not result from the things he possesses

13 January 2012

I found myselfnoddingmy head in agreement with Shawn Blanc's It's Just Stuff:

I may drive a Jeep because I’m a Colorado boy at heart, and I may own a charcoal grill because I like things “pure”, and I may own Apple gadgets because I have an affinity for fine software. So yes, you can tell a lot about me by the things I own. But they are just that — things. They can be stolen, broken, taken, and lost. They should never become distractions to the things that matter most, nor should I ever allow them to define my character, my relationships, and my beliefs.

Knowingly or not his statement rings very true with something Jesus said at Luke 12:15 that a man's life does not result from the things hepossesses. It's Just Stuff.