Delivery Status – A package tracking widget for Mac OS X

The post on GAget was mildly popular. I’m happy about that. It means that more people are seeing a useful Mac OS X Dashboard widget than may have otherwise. Especially since Apple hasn’t updated their Dashboard widget directory since very early in 2011.

Well, here is another widget I suggest taking a look at. Whenever any of us geeks order something online we’refeverishlyrefreshing the delivery status page of our shipper of choice to see where the package is. Well, not anymore. Now you can use Delivery Status.

Delivery Status is a widget for Mac OS X that makes it pretty simple, and dare I say sexy, to track a few packages at once right from your Dashboard. Junecloud has also made an iOS application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch so that you can track your packages on the go.

I really like how the widget color-codes the statuses based on the shipper. A nice touch.

See, there are useful Dashboard widgets out there. They’re great. And you should know about them.