Camerajunky on being crazy enough to shoot film

Camerajunky (whose real name I cannot find, so perhaps this is likely on purpose):

Of course there is also the fact that to get from the decisive moment to a print or even to a digital file, there is a lot of work involved. Prepare, shoot, make notes, develop,make notes again, scan, process digitally, catalog, select in multiple rounds, archive, print, publish online.

The entire post does a good job of articulating all of the things we film shooters think about. Is all of this work worth it?

For me, the work is definitely worth it.


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@Gabz If I can do it, anyone can. That is like saying that only certain people can write code. That simply isn’t true. Anyone can write code (though some may be more adept than others) and anyone can make great photographs with film.

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