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Luis Gabriel Santiago Alvarado, aka Gabz:

The main reason I keep Instagram is the same reason most people won’t quit Facebook, I have friends and family I want to stay in contact with. Somehow Instagram seems to be the less Facebooky way of doing it, or at least in my head it is.

I feel like there are many people that feel the same. That Instagram feels less like Facebook. I think the goodwill that Instagram had built up in its early days is slowly eroding and will disappear very soon.


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@cdevroe Agreed. I think this will be obvious to more people as alternatives continue to develop, whether it’s the likes of the new, much more stand-alone Sunlit or the refreshingly carefully developed Bokeh. I’m sure there are others I’ve not mentioned — I think there’s at least one decently sized decentralised photoblogging server but I can’t remember the name of it — and there will be more as the modern open web movement continues to grow.

@cdevroe I’m sure it will come to that but, for now, I’m with @Gabz. All my friends, and colleagues, are there. And I’m still using it for business. It’s gone down, a lot, but still manages to be a safer place, at least for me. Gave up on Facebook a while ago.

@maique @cdevroe @simonwoods oh wow, first thanks for the mention there. Also, I don’t know why I thought about this but I think this is the first time someone has used my full name on anything online 😅. Third, I just thought, I’ve got four names and my “online name” has four letters 😅 (sorry, random me). And yeah because of what Instagram has become, for me it’s more about online connections rather than use it as a photography portfolio if you will. That was at one point my main focus but now I do that here on my blog and Instagram it’s for quick snippets and again, connections.

@cdevroe During COVID-19 the local restaurants and breweries use Instagram as an alert and notification system to local residents about changes in menu, beer releases, specials, etc.

It’s about being at the party that you know everyone you already know in-real-life knows about.

@khurtwilliams Right, yes. The party is being run in a building; around back the mobsters — who own and run everything — are beating people up, torturing people, running drugs, corrupting the various levels of government, and likely many more terrible things we have not yet discovered. Also, the building is rotting, likely to catch fire at any time, and is probably infecting you with some sort of devastating health issue.

But hey; we all need to be at the party even if there are alternative ways of doing that so we… tolerate the awful side of things?

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