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I feel like most people, including those that rail against Facebook, don’t have the stones to quit Instagram.


sarcassem says:

@cdevroe So for me, I hate Facebook with a lot of energy because of the misinformation that’s spread so easily and with little regard from FB itself. Instagram, while owned by FB, feels different. I don’t want to quit Instagram, also because it’s how I market my podcast, but mostly because I enjoy it WAY more than FB proper.

adders says:

@cdevroe Yes, I’ve noticed that, too. That said, I’d find it easier to quit the ‘gram than Facebook. But I’d like to quit them both.

Ton Zijlstra says:

Came across 2 in the past weeks and Om Malik I never used IG, but did quit Whatsapp a few weeks ago (and FB for 2nd time after 2yrs).

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