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October 29, 2019


With .new, you can help people take action faster. We hope to see .new shortcuts for all the things people frequently do online.

For instance, will create a new Spotify playlist for you. will create a new Google Doc for you, etc.

I don’t think my younger self could have predicted that .new would be a thing.


odd says:

@cdevroe OK, now you got me worried. Google link to Spotify service?

cdevroe says:

@odd I believe Spotify created that “link”. While Google owns the TLD of .new, I believe each company purchases and creates the capability. I think Google simply has some requirements for the domain holders.

odd says:

@cdevroe ๐Ÿ˜” Sigh of relief!
Well, I guess itโ€™s handy in some cases.

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