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Taughannock Falls, Trumansburg, New York – May 2019

Had a nice weekend up north in an Airbnb with friends along the western shoreline of Cayuga Lake. The falls were running well with the spring rains.


cdevroe says:

@jmreekes Thank you. It is an incredible structure. Water is powerful.

smokey says:

@cdevroe The perspective really adds to the photo, as you can see the edges of the canyon the water has carved…

cdevroe says:

@smokey I’ve been trying to be more purposeful in the tools I use for each photo. In this case, a drone shot seemed to give a perspective that not a lot of people get to see and one that I find compelling (compared to the straight on shots most people can get with their phones from the well-worn path from tourists.)

smokey says:

@cdevroe I wondered if it might be a drone shot, or if you’d discovered a precarious perch somewhere.

Purposeful & compelling mission accomplished 🙂

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