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I need to find a place with gigabit Internet speed for a few days. I have so much data that I need to get down and up. I’m downloading tens-of-gigabytes of application software, uploading hundreds of gigabytes to OneDrive and then again to Google Drive (which is why I hope this is real). Ugh.


zorn says:

@cdevroe Colleges usually have nice connections.🤷‍♂️ Good luck.

cdevroe says:

@zorn There is a coworking space near me that I believe has a fast pipe. Maybe I’ll go there. Also some libraries.

Danny Nicolas says:

It’s a little cumbersome, but you might be able to use this tool to find a local provider that offers symmetric gigabit

It looks like is your best bet as far as fiber providers near you.

gb says:

@cdevroe I’ve done this before using a VPS – Google Cloud Compute has enough free trial credits to do it pretty cheaply if you can mount both cloud sources on a CLI. Ran at many Gb/s.

gb says:

@gb @cdevroe Sorry, that will help with cloud->cloud transfers but not the initial upload!

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