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iPhone X sales

April 27, 2018

John Gruber:

Starting to sound like iPhone X sales really are falling short of expectations.

He is referring to this report by Bloomberg. There have been other reports and rumors too but this one seems legit.

I have no idea if the iPhone X is selling well or not. I have only seen a few of them in the wild (probably 3?) so anecdotal evidence says that people with iPhones 6 or 7 or 8 are loving their phones so much they don’t see the need to update yet.

I can also say that Eliza has an iPhone X and hates it. And I do mean hates it. She complains about some detail of it at least once a week. She loved all of her other iPhones. If she had her choice right now she’d prefer an iPhone 8. I’m going to try to see if she’ll jump to the Pixel 3 with me when it comes out but I won’t hold my breath.


colinwalker says:

@cdevroe I’m starting to see more in the wild while commuting, the numbers have suddenly started ticking up in the past month, but it’s still a drop in the ocean compared to other models.

muncman says:

@cdevroe I’m not sure how many I encounter in the wild (I don’t pay close attention anymore), but fwiw I love my iPhone X.

Caveat: there are times when I hate all computers, and my iPhone X is no exception. I’m sure the Pixel 3 will be sweet – but, likewise, no exception. 🙂

cdevroe says:

@colinwalker interesting. You have one, yes?

cdevroe says:

@muncman I agree. There are times I want to throw all technology into the river.

colinwalker says:

@cdevroe I do indeed and mostly love it. I find Face ID can sometimes be a bit slow and it’s very fussy about distance but you get used to it. Hopefully it will be better in the next iteration. I want the X Plus next time as I miss a Plus phone.

khurt says:

@cdevroe the UI and gesture inconsistencies in iOS between iPad Pro, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone X irritates me. I’m stick with my iPhone 7. First time I have held off on upgrading.

cdevroe says:

@khurt yes, that is somethibg they will need to address

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