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  • iPhone X sales

    John Gruber: Starting to sound like iPhone X sales really are falling short of expectations. He is referring to this report by Bloomberg. There have been other reports and rumors too but this one seems legit. I have no idea if the iPhone X is selling well or not. I have only seen a few…

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  • Apple Watch sales so far

    Horace Dediu, doing what he does best: Overall, about 33 million Apple Watch units have been sold since launch and they generated about $12 billion in sales. Coupled with a 95% customer satisfaction score, altogether, this has been a great success story. But only 2.5 years in, it’s still act one. An incredible beginning for…

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  • iPad sales

    Marco Arment posits the idea that, maybe, the iPad isn’t the future of computing based on the fact that sales are down year-over-year again. He writes: What if, like so much in technology, it’s mostly just additive, rather than largely replacing PCs and Macs, and furthermore had a cooling-fad effect as initial enthusiasm wore off and…

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