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First week of the NBA season has been pretty dramatic. I like it.


manton says:

@cdevroe It sure has! Pretty exciting first few games. Maybe this season won’t be quite as predictable as everyone assumes.

cdevroe says:

@manton Sports are rarely predictable.

As an aside, have you seen that Genobli is vlogging now?

manton says:

@cdevroe I love that he’s vlogging. In fact I included a clip from his vlog in episode 63 of Timetable.

cdevroe says:

@manton how did I miss that?! Iā€™m trying to keep up on timetable. My apologies for spelling his name wrong while I was on the run.

manton says:

@cdevroe Heh, no worries. And it took me a while to be able to consistently type his name correctly. šŸ™‚

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