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What I saw this week #39: April 21, 2017

April 21, 2017

I missed last week. I have no excuse. – I already mentioned this but Andy Baio didn’t just return to blogging – he blew in with Hurricane force winds. – Speaking of .org blogs, Jason Kottke’s online property is being managed this week by Tim Carmody¬†and he’s pulling an interesting yarn regarding the best of the web.

Nikon 100th Anniversary Part 1 – Richard Haw is covering Nikon’s anniversary with some background info.

Richard Feynman’s Notebook Technique – I’ve been fiddling with Bullet Journal (as I’ve mentioned) and Feynman looks like a good technique for specific subjects.

Video: Passengers, Rearranged – I would have liked this version of Passengers so much more.

Professor’s vlog – The Professor is starting to vlog. I hope he keeps it up.

Video: Hans Zimmer at Coachella – The Interstellar medley is awesome.