Colin Devroe

The women of Curves

4 February 2009

The women of Curves

Date taken: February 4, 2004 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Five years ago today: I used to teach a short-lived class in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania at a small computer store. The class typically consisted of basic software instructions like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook training. We also covered some larger topics like the Internet and eBay.

For a few weeks in a row I taught a class to a team of women that worked at a few local Curves, a women's only health club, on Microsoft Office and basic Windows-related tasks. We covered how to create schedules, print-outs for the various things they needed, and other specific-needs to Curves.

Forgive me, ladies, for not having your names on file somewhere. Though I do remember that a few of you were against being in a photograph at all, so I thank you for letting me take one of you anyway.

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