Cooking on Eat Weird – Episode 7

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I had the privilege of cooking the dish for episode 7 of Eat Weird. I chose to make mussels over linguini, a very simple meal that anyone could make in their home kitchens and with any budget, because even though Chris tries to focus on things that are much more “weird” – I don’t think many people my age or younger have had mussels or any type of seafood.

It may sound odd that I say that – but more and more I am noticing that people’s explorations into food are more and more constrained to things that come in boxes, are frozen into a brick, can be warmed up in a microwave, or can be purchased while leaning out of your car’s window. We’re really hoping that Eat Weird, in some very small way, changes that.

Have you ever had mussels? Head on over to Eat Weird and let us know.