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  • George R. R. Martin’s mountain cabin

    George R. R. Martin about his time writing in his mountain cabin: My life up here is very boring, it must be said.  Truth be told, I hardly can be said to have a life.   I have one assistant with me at all times (minions, I call them).  The assistants do two-week shifts, and have…

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  • Mike Davidson on working remotely

    Mike Davidson: First, let’s dispense with the easy part: despite what you may read on Twitter, remote work is neither the greatest thing in the world nor the worst. We are not moving to a world where offices go completely away, nor are we going through some sort of phase where remote work will eventually…

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  • How the people of CERN work

    Jeremy Keith, after visiting CERN in Switzerland: "According to most established social and economic theory, nothing should ever get done at CERN. It’s a collection of thousands of physics nerds—a mixture of theorists (the ones with blackboards) and experimentalists (the ones with computers). When someone wants to get something done, they present their ideas and…

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