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  • Libra (the new cryptocurrency) must-reads

    So Facebook, among others, announced a new cryptocurrency and blockchain called Libra. You’ve likely already seen the headlines. But perhaps you’re wondering what it means, what makes Libra any different than, say, Bitcoin, or perhaps you have other questions. I did too. So I’ve rounded up a few links that helped me gain some perspective…

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  • Magic Leap hype

    First line in this Wired piece about the Magic Leap One: In retrospect, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz realizes that all the hype was a big mistake. “I think we were arrogant,” he says. Umm, yeah. /via Daring Fireball.

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  • The great unbundling continues

    Dave Morin, CEO of Path, recently did a small AMA on Product Hunt. He pointed out this article on Wired about Path breaking apart its mobile apps into other applications. Something I wrote about recently as well. Here is some interesting bits from the article. All this “unbundling” is a response to multiple market forces…

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