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  • Obsidian didn’t stick, for me

    Back in May I came across Obsidian, a knowledge base app that stores your information in Markdown files. I used it a bit here and there until, in July, I stumbled onto Ton Zijlstra’s post about Obsidian which motivated me to try it in earnest. I was excited to have a note taking app that…

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  • Decentralizing all of my data

    A few days ago I came across Ton Zijlstra’s post about trying out Obsidian. I didn’t have the time to read it just then so I quickly stored it in Unmark (shameless plug alert) to read later. After reading his post I realized he is attracted to Obsidian for the same reasons that I was…

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  • Ton Zijlstra linking curiosity to his blogging

    Ton Zijlstra, replying to Frank Meeuwsen’s post that was replying to my post, took a different angle: Over the last 16 years my blog has been a good instrument to trigger, feed and explore my curiosity. Me blogging more means I’m curious to expand my horizons again. His post reminded me of a discussion that…

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