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  • My experience buying a Windows laptop

    After 16+ years working, writing, playing, making, listening, watching on a Macintosh, I’m switching back to Windows. Within a few days from today I will no longer be a Mac user. In fact, the only Apple product I will be using regularly will be my 2014 iPad Air 2 which I plan to replace soon.…

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  • Paul Stamatiou switches to Windows 10

    Paul Stamatiou, long, long-time online friend, designer at Twitter, and a hobbyist photographer: I decided it was time to upgrade to something a bit more powerful. This time I decided to build a PC and switch to Windows 10 for my heavy computing tasks. Yes, I switched to Windows. The shift of professionals needing to switch to…

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  • Removing the pro from Apple

    John Gruber regarding Sal Soghoian being axed from Apple: If they had simply fired him, that’d be one thing, but the fact that they’ve eliminated his position is another. This is shitty news. I find this to be a profoundly worrisome turn of events for the future of the Mac. I hope I’m wrong. I…

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