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  • Observations on moreFit Slim Fitness Tracker

    After switching to Android late last year and subsequently giving Eliza my Apple Watch Series 3 I have been wanting a simple fitness tracker for playing basketball. In most activities in my life I can keep my phone on me but for basketball I always miss out on tracking those steps. I wanted to purchase…

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  • Pedometer++ 3.0

    _DavidSmith: I’ve been steadily working on Pedometer++ now for nearly four years. Over that time the core conceit of the app has remained the same, to motivate you to be more active. It has done this with colors, confetti, complications and streaks. Now I’ve added another tool to hopefully motivate, achievements! Pedometer++ continues to be…

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  • Summit – The Adventurous Step Counter

    This evening, at a presentation at the Lehigh Valley Tech Meetup, I’m opening up public beta access to my new iOS app, Summit – The Adventurous Step Counter. I’ve stitched together a temporary web site for the app as well as a mailing list that will allow you to get access to the final few…

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