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  • Likes vs. Saves

    Many social networks are adding "Save" in addition to "Like". You can see this now on both Instagram and Facebook. You can "like" something and tell the publisher of the content that you like what they published and you can also "save" the post (presumably to find it later). Mature content publishing platforms need both…

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  • NEPA BlogCon 2016

    I often wonder what it would be like to be a first-time attendee at a conference like NEPA BlogCon. Even with the speakers attempting to keep things easy-to-understand I’m sure the flood of information can be overwhelming. I think that is why the mix of presentations at these sorts of events is so important. It…

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  • Single User Utility In a Social System

    Don’t get knocked off your feet by the sheer strength of my agreement with Fred Wilson on Single User Utility In a Social System: One of the most important lessons we took from delicious was the value of single user utility in social systems. It might seem odd that systems designed to leverage interactions between…

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