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  • Noah Read’s tech predictions

    Prompted somewhat by my technology prediction time capsule, Noah Read takes a stab at what he thinks we’ll see (or, won’t see) in 2018. He has some interesting takes. Most of which I agree with. I do not think I agree with this take, though: AR will be a passing craze, while at the same…

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  • Best of 2017 as told by me

    To create this list I sat down and wrote from the top of my head the things I could remember being awesome in 2017. The list isn’t exhaustive. It is just what made an impression on me as being "the best" in each category. Best Blog: fuzzy notepad Evee consistently writes well-researched, readable, diatribes on…

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  • Untitled post 1359

    Reading Ready Player One, Downtown Scranton – July 2017 Easily my favorite book this year. Eliza just finished it too. I may want to read it again before the movie comes out.

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