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  • Photopea – A free browser-based Photoshop

    Ivan Kutskir, the one-person team behind Photopea: My friends and my family did not know about Photopea during the first four years of development. I was spending a lot of time building it, without making any money or learning new skills. So nothing to be proud of, but the project was fun and I enjoyed…

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  • My current photo library management solution

    In this post I’m going to detail out how I manage my photo library. I have changed my workflow countless times over the years and I have the deep battle scars to prove it. I’ve switched services, storage providers, apps, folder structures, metadata schemes, you-name-it. In 2018 I decided to set out on a sort…

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  • App icon design, one size does not fit all

    Yesterday I reposted Becky Hansmeyer’s vent about having to create multiple icon sizes for her app. I feel her pain. I recently completed an app for both iOS and Android and so I had to create just over 1,000,000 icon sizes. At least it felt like it. So, like her, I too would like Xcode…

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