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  • Experiment more

    Try new things with what you already have. In 2006 I wrote a post about taking full advantage of the things you already own. Knowing every feature of your SLR or Bluray player or getting to know the features of your most-used software. In this post I want to encourage you to try something completely new…

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  • A remote workers review of Cocoon Coffeehouse in Hawley, PA

    Yesterday Kyle and I wanted to get out of our home offices and work somewhere new. He suggested Cocoon Coffeehouse next to the Silk Mill in Hawley. A panoselfie of yours truly. It turned out to be a nice little spot to get work done. Comfortable chairs. Easily accessible wifi. Good food (I tried the…

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  • What is a Panoselfie?

    They aren’t new. You can find them if you dig. But they aren’t “a thing” and I think they should be. So, yesterday I created a Flickr group called Panoselfies. I recommend giving it a try. How: Put your phone on pano mode Point it just over your right shoulder Slowly rotate your wrist as the…

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