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  • Keeping a record of your thoughts and media and owning it

    Go ahead and read Matt Haughey’s post on why he left Twitter. But I wanted to pull out this bit: I didn’t like that everything I wrote ended up being hard to find or reference, and even hard for me to pull up myself when I wanted, where a blog makes it pretty dang easy…

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  • Fred Wilson on owning your content

    Fred Wilson: I would never outsource my content to some third party. I blog on my own domain using open source software (WordPress) that I run on a shared server that I can move if I want to. It is a bit of work to set this up but the benefits you get are enormous.…

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  • How many hats can you wear?

    Maria Langer, on her blog, on owning and operating her own small business: I am the owner of a small business, Flying M Air, LLC. I do just about everything for the company except maintain the aircraft: schedule flights, preflight the aircraft, fly, take payment from passengers, manage the drug testing program, work with the FAA,…

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