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  • Repost: Christopher Castro on Minimalism

    👉 Christopher Castro: Minimalism is not about deprivation. It comes down to what is adding value to one’s life. For everyone it’s different and it’s always changing. /via Micro.blog Discover

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  • Matt D’Avella interviews Ryder Carroll

    My friend Matt D’Avella, director of the documentary Minimalism (available now on Netflix), recently interviewed Ryder Carroll – the creator of the Bullet Journal. I like Matt, I use the Bullet Journal method every day, so this is an instant-watch.

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  • Less apps is more

    Tim Nahumck: I always try to reduce the number of apps that I use at any given time and cutting the reliance on multiple services when and where possible. This sounds a lot like my repeated attempts to consolidate around Apple’s default applications. I like Tim’s use of Slack as a personal center of information.…

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