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  • Dialog out of beta

    Mike Haynes: We appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through the development process and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Mike may see the development and launch of Dialog as taking longer than he would have liked, but from where I sit the app has come a long way in a relatively short…

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  • Micro Monday – January 8, 2018: Mike Haynes

    Micro.blog has a new thing where each Monday you recommend someone to follow and why. Here is Jean MacDonald, Community Manager at M.b: We are inaugurating Micro Monday January 8. Inspired by Follow Friday, we want to encourage helpful recommendations rather than lists of accounts to follow. We suggest you make just one recommendation per…

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  • Noah Read’s tech predictions

    Prompted somewhat by my technology prediction time capsule, Noah Read takes a stab at what he thinks we’ll see (or, won’t see) in 2018. He has some interesting takes. Most of which I agree with. I do not think I agree with this take, though: AR will be a passing craze, while at the same…

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