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  • Jason Fried on the Apple Store experience

    Jason Fried: But in the last few years, the stores have really turned me off. I don’t like stepping into them. They don’t make me feel welcome — rather they make me feel like I need a good reason to be there. Of course I have a reason to be there, but I don’t like the fact…

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  • VR is not ready in 2016

    Danny Nicolas: I hope someone is hard at work making an ubiquitous snow-crash-esq VR experience that compels everyone to rush to the stores to buy VR rigs, but 2016 was not the year where VR became the big thing. It might be the next big thing, but not this year. I’ve tested a bunch of VR…

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  • E13: Switching to Windows 10 and the Surface Book, and pre-orders

    Danny and I have a Saturday morning conversation about my purchase of the new Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base and switching from macOS to Windows 10. http://cdevroe.com/media/audio/e13.mp3 Links: Simplenote OneDrive and iCloud exFAT Surface Book and Surface Studio Thanks to Danny for the early wakeup. I edited this MP3 and published this post on Windows…

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