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  • Exposed root – April 2020

    Exposed root – April 2020 If you walk through the same forest for months and months – you begin to notice the details you’d normally miss. Also on Flickr, Instagram.

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  • Studebaker – March 2020

    Studebaker – March 2020 A few more medium format film exposures. These were also taken with the Ansco Speedex. This old Studebaker sits a stone’s throw away from a river that runs directly in front of our place. From the stories I’ve gathered it was sitting across the street for a few decades before being…

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  • Why I’m shooting with film

    Nearly a decade ago Eliza and I began to make our own wine and beer. We started out making quick batches in buckets, carboys, or other small containers. It allowed us to get more familiar with the process of fermenting fruit or barley into one of our favorite drinks. Pressing grapes, 2013 Eventually we graduated…

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