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  • Instagram’s TOS

    Allen Murabayashi, CEO of PhotoShelter, regarding Instagram’s TOS: The language is typical of many photo sharing sites (including PhotoShelter), so in that sense it’s unremarkable. The company needs the ability to redisplay images, and wants to be able to have, for example, an image appear in the app, within an Instagram Story, and on the…

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  • Microsoft is the MVP

    Raymond Wong: The seeds Nadella’s been planting since he hopped in the chief executive seat blossomed in full this year. Looking ahead, Microsoft’s future looks bright so long as it doesn’t drop the ball. You already know where I stand on this topic.

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  • Google Assistant for iOS is a clunky mess

    Karissa Bell for Mashable: For starters, Assistant’s iOS app is a confusing, disjointed, mess. You’d think the Assistant would be able to easily link up with all your other Google services, but that wasn’t the case in my initial testing. It isn’t often that I agree with an article on Mashable. However, in this case…

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